We specialize in creating educational content with a focus on robotics, coding, and electronics, using blocks.

Main technology

Experience Neopia’s various products that integrated various play and educational contents using blocks.

NEOPIA products are a convergence education products that combines various educational contents through continuous product development in the fields of electronic circuits, steam education robots using blocks, AI coding using smart devices, information technology, and basic artificial intelligence.

Plug & Pairing

Coding screen monitoring

Excellence Awards of Edutech Excellent Company

Teachers and students can check each other’s coding screens

Code sharing

Teachers and students can check each other’s coding screens


The world’s most effective IoT connection and practice

local webcam

Directly control in the coding APP built Webcam into the smartphone, not the wireless webcam

AI technology

Fast and accurate AI technology

NEOPIA products have become the standard education kit which combined fund and diverse range of educational contents to enhance children’s ability by teaching for robot, computer & smartphone AI coding, electronic circuit, information technology and basic artificial intelligence field.
Experience Neopia’s various products combined blocks with various play and educational contents.

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