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1. Enhanced Problem-Solving Skills: Learning to code strengthens logical thinking and problem-solving abilities, enabling children to creatively tackle various challenges.

2. Preparation for Future Careers: In the digital age, coding opens doors to numerous career opportunities in technology and equips children to be savvy consumers and creators of digital innovations.

3. Development of Creativity: Coding fosters creativity as children explore new ideas, experiment, and bring their imaginative concepts to life through programming.

4. Improvement in Collaboration and Communication: Programming often involves teamwork, enhancing children’s collaborative and communication skills.

5. Empowerment for Self-Expression: Coding provides children with a new means of expressing themselves by enabling them to implement their ideas and creations in the digital world.

1. Enhanced Interaction and Personalization: Robot products should strengthen interaction with users and provide personalized learning experiences. This helps students learn according to their abilities and interests.

2. Focus on Real-World Problem Solving: Robot products should prioritize solving real-world problems. This enables students to apply abstract concepts to the real world and enhances their problem-solving skills.

3. Support for Various Platforms and Programming Languages: Enhanced Support for Teachers and Parents: Robot products should provide tools and materials that support teachers and parents in managing and supporting students’ learning.

4. Improvement in Affordability and Accessibility: Robot products should be improved in terms of affordability and accessibility. This allows more schools and students to utilize this technology.

Neopia products which are produced through the continuous development of STEAM educational robots are providing children with the opportunity to effectively explore and learn in various fields such as Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics.

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