‘AION’ provides the most exciting experiences to those who want to learn Robot, Coding, and AI.

Product Configuration

FlatCo, The co-work AI coding education platform through code and screen sharing

FlatCo is a co-work AI coding education platform where you can see other’s coding screens and share source codes, unlike a coding education program that is difficult or boring because you follow your teacher’s guide.

Anyone participating in this class with a PC, laptop, tablet, smart device can share codes, communicate, create programs, and control robots.

Data usage in coding education has been so high since it has streamed the monitor screen while it shares the data. This program minimizes the amount of data usage as it converts the data code into ‘JSON’ format, making coding education possible using AI, IoT, and Robot even in harsh communication environments.

The user can experience exciting content by using the camera, microphone, and various sensors of smart devices as input sources directly on this platform, and can drastically reduce the cost of purchasing webcams and expensive sensors.

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