Korea’s leading robot & coding education company.


Welcome to Neopia.

Founded in 1999, Neopia is Korea’s leading robot product and
AI coding content provider with recognized technological prowess based on 11 patents.

We will continue to make progress in the future through three big steps we have taken.
  1. Carrying out the Ministry of Knowledge Economy’s ‘Next Generation Digital Leader Development Program’, developing teaching aids and supporting pilot school operation.
  2. Contributing to robotics and electronic education through collaboration with leading domestic education companies and provision of technology.
  3. Over the past 20 years, it has been adopted as a teaching aid for electronics/robotics/coding practice in elementary and middle school textbooks, helping countless students develop themselves.

NEOPIA is...

▶ Started in 1999 as the world’s first company specializing in development and production of electronic blocks. Holds multiple patents related to electronic blocks

▶ Currently, over 3,000 elementary schools and over 500 kindergartens use it as an after-school teaching aid or creative block teaching aid


▶ Successfully developed three times of the ‘Digital Leader Development Program’,  technical task of the Ministry of Knowledge Economy

▶ The product has been adopted as a lab material for elementary, middle, and high school textbooks and is used by many students

▶ Positioned as a block aid for coding education and digital & electronic & robotics education to foster creative talent

▶ After starting a business through the New Technology Entrepreneurship Project, we performed a number of technological innovation projects with the Small and Medium Business Administration

 NEOPIA vison

In Vision
Let’s make products filled with dreams with sincerity!

For Vision
Let’s enable users to dream of the future!

True Vision
Let’s change the world with creative challenges!

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