Can we learn ‘coding’ properly with programming process to operate the robot? Meet the real coding education, not the robot's tools.

· A product to learn the coding with 2 individual themes.
· Each product has 12 coding content organized into fun scenarios.
· PC (Desktop or Notebook) is required.
· The coding platform uses ‘ENTRY’ by operated portal site ‘Naver’ in Korea.
· Each product can be utilized independently. (Do not need to use in order)

Art heme → Sensor theme

90Min. / Week [6momths]

· Learn to code by using the coding platform ‘Entry’ on a computer.
· It is easy to use and understand as it is coding by dragging the command word in block image with the mouse.
· It deals with more fundamental and systematic coding, not coding for controlling robots.

Art Theme

Coding education through activities such as music, art, and physical education.

① Scenario Coding

② Making Art

③ Connecting Cable

④ Play Activitie


Sensor Theme

Coding education that meets and enjoys with characters in the computer.

① Scenario Coding

② Making Art

③ Play Activitie


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