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Try to express your imagination with blocks. ‘Blockrobots’ which can imagine, build, operate, and learn! ProductSTEAM education Robot ​Time90 Min. / Week [18 months] ​Summary· Learn how to create a robot with blocks.· Operates robots by remote controller & sensor manipulation,and coding.· Essential basic curriculum of robot education. NEOBOT S Learn how to assemble a […]

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You can easily create electronic circuits! Electronic Block Kit ‘Electronic circuits’ can be made into blocks?By utilization of the ‘Neo-Circuit’, you can most easily understand and make electronic circuits. ProductNeo Circuit ​Time30 min. / Week [2months ~ 5 months] ​SummaryIt starts with a basic electric/electronic curriculum using electronic parts, and covers application circuits.By making and

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Can we learn ‘coding’ properly with programming process to operate the robot? Meet the real coding education, not the robot’s tools. · A product to learn the coding with 2 individual themes.· Each product has 12 coding content organized into fun scenarios.· PC (Desktop or Notebook) is required.· The coding platform uses ‘ENTRY’ by operated

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Robot, Coding, AI! A field that we all need to know living in the 21st century! All of this can start with the ‘NEO SoCo’. ClassRobot & Coding(AI) ​Time90 min. / week [2months] Summary· Recommendable curriculum for children who want to learn robots, AI and coding in a short time.· Understanding coding while controlling

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Neo-ThinkCar is an educational product that helps students to learn robot/coding/AI while making a car with blocks and applying each function of ‘Advanced Driver Assistance System (ADAS)’ through coding. Movements presented in the textbook may can be different depending on several factors such as road condition, obstacles, battery out-put, and motor characteristics. ClassSelf-Driving Car

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