Try to express your imagination with blocks. ‘Blockrobots’ which can imagine, build, operate, and learn! ProductSTEAM education Robot ​Time90 Min. / Week [18 months] ​Summary· Learn how to create a robot with blocks.· Operates robots by remote controller & sensor manipulation,and coding.· Essential basic curriculum of robot education. NEOBOT S Learn how to assemble a […]

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You can easily create electronic circuits! Electronic Block Kit ‘Electronic circuits’ can be made into blocks?By utilization of the ‘Neo-Circuit’, you can most easily understand and make electronic circuits. ProductNeo Circuit ​Time30 min. / Week [2months ~ 5 months] ​SummaryIt starts with a basic electric/electronic curriculum using electronic parts, and covers application circuits.By making and

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Can we learn ‘coding’ properly with programming process to operate the robot? Meet the real coding education, not the robot’s tools. · A product to learn the coding with 2 individual themes.· Each product has 12 coding content organized into fun scenarios.· PC (Desktop or Notebook) is required.· The coding platform uses ‘ENTRY’ by operated

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Robot, Coding, AI! A field that we all need to know living in the 21st century! All of this can start with the ‘NEO SoCo’. ClassRobot & Coding(AI) ​Time90 min. / week [2months] Summary· Recommendable curriculum for children who want to learn robots, AI and coding in a short time.· Understanding coding while controlling

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‘AION’ provides the most exciting experiences to those who want to learn Robot, Coding, and AI. Product Configuration FlatCo, The co-work AI coding education platform through code and screen sharing FlatCo is a co-work AI coding education platform where you can see other’s coding screens and share source codes, unlike a coding education program that

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